“Smooth City”

  • Thursdays, 12:30pm1:30pm

Due to a recent influx in desire for smooth tunes, “Smooth City” is experiencing the highest housing costs ever recorded in Smooth City history. Many native “Smoothians” have been displaced by “Top 40 Pop” enthusiasts and no longer can bask in the year-long moderate temp’s of 65 degrees. The Smoothians long to fill their parched ears with smooth bops that echoe throughout every street, every alley, and every home of Smooth City. Located just at the tip of the Great Smooth Canal, Smooth City derives it’s name from “Sir. Smooth IV” who discovered the land circa 1960 a.d. The “Smooth City National Archive of Smooth Tunes” contains every Smooth tune ever created and will recieve Smooth tunes months before they are released, years before they are concepts. With 360 feet of titanium extending from every ceiling, wall, and corner of the archive, paired with 24-hour security monitoring, the Smooth City National Archive of Smooth Tunes is impenetrable. People come, people go, but Smooth will remain.

    Smooth City
    12:30pm, 4-2-2020
    12:30pm, 3-26-2020