Blue and Sentimental

    I listened to Miles Davis' seminal album Kind of Blue for the first time when I was eleven years old. It was a truly transformative experience and sparked my love for jazz. It was a big reason why I learned to play the trumpet in sixth grade, a passion I kept all throughout middle and high school where I had the opportunity to be a part of the Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band. As I grew up and became more exposed to all genres of music, my love for jazz music has always stood apart. From discovering and exploring the breadth of musicianship from jazz luminaries such as John Coltrane, Bud Powell, Wayne Shorter, Grant Green, to delving deeper into the growth of the genre itself, my fascination and love for jazz has only grown over time. 

    In October last year, at the request of some of my dear friends, I made them a jazz playlist of some of my favorite jazz records by some of my favorite artists. Their enthusiastic reception to the playlist really moved me and inspired me to make the most of my final semester here at USF by starting a show where I can share my love for jazz with the world. I named the show after the playlist I made for my friends, Blue and Sentimental. Through this show, I hope to share my love for jazz to all of you and I hope you listen every week with me!

    If you are unable to listen to the show at the time of airing, that's totally fine! I have made all of my playlists available on my Apple Music and Spotify profiles. The link to my Apple Music profile can be found by clicking here and the link to my Spotify profile can be found by clicking here

    If you are interested in reaching out to me. you can email me at OR follow me on Twitter: @narayan_arjun!

    Blue and Sentimental