A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Omnitempo Maximalism is a show of truly all tempos & genres. Tune in for an eclectic hour of awkward mic breaks, head banging, and maybe some air horns here and there to keep it hype. Thanks for listening mom and dad :)
Brewed Beats is a collection of different indie electronic, hip-hop, and alternative music curated by Dean William. javascript:
Your Tuesday habit
come groove with me ~
she's back and she's a little more modest and somehow even more abrasive than before
Yallen the studio bringing you a healthy heap of musical diversity. Funk, rock, psychedelia, actual jazz, soundtrack, blues, rap, r&b from all over.
playin' in the plastic pool with the plastic people every saturday of the week (Miami Pool Party is the summer edition of 'Miami Plastic.' Same show, same DJ, different name for thematic aesthetic of course.)
A little bit of everything, handpicked gems of diverse genres. A soft spot for old school house, disco, and roots reggae. Plus a bit of rambling about everyday trials and tributes from a tiny hapa girl's point of view.
playing the purest, loaf-iest tracks out there
A lady like me in your ster-re-erie-o
hello hello hello, beautiful people in this realm. Be here with me now & let's moooooveeeeeee.
forcing all of my fav songs onto you (and hoping that you enjoy) <3