episode 34

short one.

  • 7:00pm Relay Runner by Loma on Loma
  • 7:04pm Midnight on the Shore by Seb Wildblood on na (na)
  • 7:05pm 3:45 by Pllush on Stranger to the Pain
  • 7:13pm Waterzone by Jesse Futerman on Azure Lagoon (SOBO)
  • 7:18pm Sunset by Marquis Hawk on na (na)
  • 7:23pm I Know You by DOS on NRNG007 (Nerang Records)
  • 7:27pm Nu4him by Shanti Celeste on na (na)
  • 7:33pm I Know by Cassettes For Kids on I Know (na)
  • 7:40pm front by COMPUTER DATA on traumfolge (INFINITY.TRAX)
  • 7:44pm Sawed Off by DJ Tired on na (na)
  • 7:51pm The Conditioning Track (North London Mix) by Asquith on The Conditioning (SR)
  • 7:57pm Luvwomanboogie by Bobby Analog on na (na)
  • 8:05pm B O D Y by Kettama on na (na)
  • 8:07pm GAF by Qrion on GAF (SR)
  • 8:12pm untitled by COMPUTER DATA on unreleased (na)
  • 8:16pm What Is It by Loods on na (na)
  • 8:23pm Eyes Open by Jesse Futerman on Waterzone (SOBO)
  • 8:25pm IMYSB by Qrion on GAF #2 (Qrion)
This audio is no longer available.