LIVE! with Clavs Spreckels

  • 7:30pm Star - The Roots by Sly & The Family Stone on Different Strokes By Different Folks
  • 7:34pm 2 I Want What I Want by Orb on The Space Between
  • 7:37pm Waves by Joey Badd$$
  • 7:40pm Bombae Lemonade by Extremely Bad Man on Love Is Pure
  • 7:42pm Girls of Green Bay by Clavs Spreckels
  • 7:49pm Workers Lament by Clavs Spreckels
  • 7:51pm 2 I Want What I Want by Orb on The Space Between
  • 7:53pm Even Though I Knew by Frankie Cosmos on Close It Quietly
  • 7:54pm Smokes Quantity by Boards Of Canada on Music Has The Right To Children
  • 7:56pm Whirlwind by Clavs Spreckels
  • 8:00pm Can I Believe You by Fleet Foxes on A Very Lonely Solstice
  • 8:02pm Turn Around Baby by Aldo Ray
  • 8:06pm Fable's End by Howsa Rest
  • 8:11pm Fall Into The Sea by Clavs Spreckels
  • 8:38pm Tracks Beneath the Sky by Clavs Spreckels
  • 8:44pm Funny How time slips away by Willie Nelson
  • 8:47pm Highwayman by The Highwaymen
  • 8:50pm Your Love (all that I'm missing) by JD McPherson
This audio is no longer available.